Leaving Scoliosis Untreated Leads to Rapid Degeneration
Normally spinal cord deteriorates from being used and from ageing, especially for patients over 40 years old. Initial signs of deterioration include neck pain and lower back pain.

How Is Scoliosis Surgery Performed?
Scoliosis surgery is performed by attaching small screws to the spine and use a special rod to attach each of the screws together, while adjusting the angles of the spine to straighten the curve. In the past

Scoliosis could be the cause of Difficulty Breathing and Tiredness..
When it comes to scoliosis, many people are not aware of having this disease and may unintentionally discover it during a yearly health check through a chest X-ray. This would make them wonder if the disease is dangerous and what are the steps that should be taken.

Detect Scoliosis by Yourself
Spinal curves are measured in Cobb angles, which can be seen from X-rays. Scoliosis can mostly be noticed from childhood to teenage years with the following symptoms.

What to avoid when you are a Scoliosis patient?
Scoliosis patients should avoid the following activities as the condition could be worsened or back pain could develop:

Leaving scoliosis untreated may lead to an increased curvature
Some people think scoliosis is only a simple deformity, it merely affects the posture and seeing a doctor is not necessary. But scoliosis is more severe than that. It occurs when the spine is twisted and curved to the side - out of

Untreated Scoliosis in Teenager can worsen the condition
“Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis” is fairly a common spinal deformity that can be found often. However, the exact cause of the condition is still unclear in present days.

Prevents further progression of the spinal-curvature with Scoliosis Brace
When it comes to the topic of treating scoliosis, many of us tend to perceive surgery as the only option available. However, that is not always the case

Herniated Disc could be a risk for People of all Ages
Back pains which radiate to legs and toes or sometimes along with numbness and weakness are common signs of Herniated Nucleus Pulposus, which does not occur in elderly only but young people also have a possibility of suffering from the disease.