Dr. Charkrit Soucksakit, chief executive officer of Vejthani Public Company Limited, signed a business partnership with Dr. Mohammad Al Qenai, Head of Medical Center, Kuwait Airways.
Dr. Charkrit Soucksakit, chief executive officer of Vejthani Public Company Limited, signed a business partnership with Dr. Mohammad Al Qenai
Every Second Matters for Emergency – Don’t Waste Time Commuting By Yourself Call Mobile CCU of Vejthani Hospital, available 24 hrs
Due to the frequent traffic jams in Bangkok, especially during peak hours, it might not be easy to commute through the roads. When needing emergency care, one may not be able to go to hospital as quickly as one wishes by oneself.
For all customers who have purchased Moderna vaccines at Vejthani Hospital,
Vejthani Hospital has already closed the service for providing the Moderna vaccine as the vaccines are about to expire. If you have made a payment but did not register with the hospital’s vaccination service
Vejthani Hospital Service Point at Suvarnabhumi International Airport is available today.
Our service point is located at Exit 10 in Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Arrival Zone. Vejthani Staffs are available for providing any information needed and for our transportation service from the Airport to Vejthani Hospital.
Those who have reserved Moderna vaccines are able to register to schedule an appointment until 22nd August 2022.
Attention to those who reserved vaccine Please be informed that the last day we will be providing Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine is on 22nd August, 2022. Vaccination appointment cannot be scheduled after 22nd August, 2022
Vejthani – the ONLY hospital to receive the Hospital of the Year Award in Thailand.
Vejthani Hospital wins the Hospital of the Year Award at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2022 held in Singapore. Healthcare providers across the world faced mass casualties during the pandemic.
Thailand eases entry rules for travelers from across the world – effective from May 1, 2022
Entering the kingdom without the RT-PCR tests are allowed for all travelers. Rule For Vaccinated Travelers: Fully vaccinated travelers are no longer required to submit an evidence of negative RT-PCR test result
Do you want to come to receive medical treatment here in Thailand? If your answer is ‘YES’, we have a choice for you. Since mandatory quarantine reinstated amid Omicron concerns, however, the sandbox program will still eligible.
Thailand Restricts Travel from 8 African Countries Due to Omicron Variant
According to the announcement from the Thai Government, the travelers who have lived or traveled from the following 8 countries in Africa (except for people who hold Thai citizenship) are not allowed to enter into Thailand for temporary due to the spread of Omicron variant cases;
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