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Genetic Screening – Unlock Your Personal Genetic Code
Program Health Lifestyle Premium Health Genetic Cancer Screening (Risk of developing Cancer) 6 items Genetic Cardiovascular Screening (Risk of developing Cardiovascular disease) 5 items
Premarital Check-up Program
This package price is included of doctor’s fees and hospital service charge. This package price is exclusive to Thais and expatriates only This price is applicable from today until December 31, 2022.
Reveal your Glowy Flawless skin
Facial Mesotherapy 1 session 4,000 THB (Normal price 5,000 THB) Facial Mesotherapy 5 sessions 18,000 THB (Normal price 20,000 THB) Terms and Conditions This promotion is exclusive for Thais and expatriates only.
Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Treat Hip Fracture from a fall within 24 hours, reduces the chance of becoming bedridden. Total Hip Replacement Surgery Package 269,000 THB Includes Emergency Transportation Service
2 in 1 COVID-19 Antibody Level Test
2 in 1 COVID-19 Antibody Level Test COVID-19 Spike Protein IgG Antibody Level Test COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Level Test 2,500 THB Actual price: 3,500 THB
Cancer screening
Total Cancer Screening Package The Earlier, The Better Valid until December 31st ,2022 For those who are at risk of having cancer, are recommended to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Notice for the following signs:
Heart Arrhythmia Screening Package
Have you ever experienced these symptoms; “Heart palpitation, Bounding pulse, Shortness of breath, Chest tightness, Dizziness, and Fainting”? These symptoms are the initial signs of heart arrhythmias.
Post-COVID-19 Check-up
Post-COVID-19 Check-up Price 13,900 THB (Actual Price: 21,350 THB) Terms & Conditions : 1.This package is suitable for people aged over 15 years old. 2.This package is recommended for people who have recovered from COVID-19 for at least 1 month.
A Core Needle Breast Biopsy | 17,500 THB
A Core Needle Breast Biopsy is a test used to identify the cause of an abnormal lump or tumor in the breast. A sample of the tissue will be collected and checked in the laboratory in order to find out whether the abnormal tissue
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