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Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Mr. Nyan, a sports lover had his meniscus and ACL injured on a football field 4 years ago. With continuous pain and discomfort, Mr. Nyan had to take a break from his favourite sports for years upon doctor’s advice. He then decided it’s time for him to receive treatment and get back to sports again. Out of multiple hospitals and doctors for him to choose in Thailand, Mr. Nyan along with a help of his father who is a doctor, made a decision to choose Vejthani Hospital and Dr. Ratthaphoom Watcharopas, sport medicine, knee & shoulder Arthroscopic surgeon to treat his prolonged condition.

Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery | Making Heart Valve Surgery a Little Less Scary

A new phase of heart valve repair and replacement surgery with the use of endoscopic procedure, “Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery” leaves only a small incision about 4-5 cm, provides faster recovery and fewer nights of hospital admission, allows patients to return to the life they were previously familiar with within 1 month.

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Reduce the Risk of Losing the Organ with the Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment @Vejthani Hospital

Diabetic foot ulcer is dangerous and scary. But, No worries! At Vejthani Hospital, we are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and the multidisciplinary team who can provide you with the treatment and reduce the risk of losing the organ. Let’s find out what does Mr. Supoj Yenjaicheoi think about the result and services.

Miracles Happened after receiving the Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer

An unexpected thing happened, Lung cancer was detected. At that time, her eye vision started to get worst. Surprisingly, on the 3rd day after she came to receive the targeted therapy for lung cancer at Vejthani Hospital, her eye vision started to get better!

Save Your Life, Kill the Cancer with Targeted Therapy – Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver cancer is the most common cancer in Thailand. If you have liver cancer or other kinds of cancer, do not lose hope because we now have the targeted therapy for cancer which has fewer side effects and more effective.

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