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Super Kid’s Center

Understanding Cerebral Palsy: A Silent Threat to Children
Understand the causes, types, and treatment options for this condition affecting movement and coordination. Learn about early diagnosis and its importance for children.

Robotic Knee Replacement Center

“Robotic Assisted Surgery” Key Element for Knee Replacement Surgery
Persistent pain, a significant cause of suffering and disruption in daily life, challenges many seniors. If left unaddressed, the symptoms can escalate, potentially causing deformation of the knee joint; walking becomes extremely difficult or even impossible

Cardiac Center

Holiday Heart Syndrome: The Hidden Health Risks of Heavy New Year’s Celebrations
New Year's cheer comes with hidden risks. "Holiday Heart Syndrome" can strike from overindulgence, causing irregular heartbeats. Learn the warning signs and party safely!

Neuroscience Center

Raising Awareness: The Urgent Reality of Brain Tumors
Headaches, slurred speech, weakness? Recognize brain tumor signs & treatments - early diagnosis is key! Learn what neurosurgeon says about new technology like Biplane DSA in the treatment of brain tumor.

Tuberculosis: The Deadly Disease Impacting Many Lives
Tuberculosis is a common disease in Thailand. According to the World Health Organization, Thailand had 123,000 new tuberculosis cases in 2022.

Neuroscience Center

3 Warning Signs of Severe Headache that Might Save You from Cerebrovascular Disease
Headache a silent scream? 3 Urgent signs that could save you from a stroke. Expert care & personalized action plan at Vejthani Hospital

Skin and Aesthetic Center

Shield Your Skin from PM 2.5 – the Silent Invader
Expert tips to shield your skin from PM 2.5, the microscopic dust impacting your health and beauty.

Ear Nose Throat Center

Understanding the Risk: How PM 2.5 Exposure Affects Sinusitis
Learn how PM 2.5 pollution triggers sinusitis, worsens symptoms, and increases risk.

Breast Self-Examination: A Step-by-Step Guide
Breast cancer early detection: Self-exams, mammograms, and more. Discover the key to fighting breast cancer effectively. Read on!