Rezum Water Vapor Therapy – Innovative Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – No Surgery Required
Prostate gland enlargement tends to cause symptoms of urinary problems, such as dysuria, frequent urination at night, as well as inability to empty the bladder or hold the urine. These may interrupt patients’ everyday life.
Combination of CRS and HIPEC offers Effective Treatment and Higher Chance of Survival for patients with Peritoneal Metastases
“Metastatic cancer” is an illness that no one would wish to experience, nor would they want their loved ones to go through it. Patients may feel hopeless and assume there is no cure for the disease. However, a treatment option is available in the form of an advanced technology known as HIPEC, combined with CRS. This treatment method has shown to effectively treat peritoneal metastases, or cancer that has spread to the abdominal cavity, and improve the chances of survival.
Crucial Health Screenings Women Should Prioritize Scheduling on a Regular Basis
Undergoing health screening tests is vital for maintaining optimal health and preventing potential health problems. Regular health screenings can detect diseases and conditions early on, which increases the chances of successful treatment and recovery. Ways to look after yourself include exercising, eating healthy food and as an indispensable factor, undergoing health screening tests. Here is the list of tests that are important to receive.
Treatment Methods for Rotator Cuff Tears
Rotator cuff tear caused by excessive use of the shoulder in the same position for a long period that leads to tendons degeneration. Other causes may include severe shoulder injuries which may happen when playing a high-impact sport. A torn rotator cuff may cause chronic shoulder pain, inability to lift the arm all the way and limited range of motion. All these symptoms can affect everyday life.
Revolutionizing Blood Cancer Treatment: The Promise of CAR T-CELL Therapy
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in patients around the world. There are roughly 130,000 new cancer patients in Thailand. In 2021, there were 84,000 deaths due to cancer. The number is expected to grow from the current situation.
Acute Myocardial Infarction may Lead to Sudden Death
Although some people may seem to be healthy from the outside, it does not mean they don’t have a disease hidden in their body. Oftentimes, people who seem to be fit, die without a known cause or any warning signs. One of the diseases that commonly cause death is “acute myocardial infarction”.
De Quervain Tenosynovitis can be Prevented – No more Suffering from Painful Wrist
De Quervain tenosynovitis or inflammation of the tendons of the wrist, has become one of the most common diseases these days. The condition is caused by inflammation of the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist, which are responsible for stretching and extending the thumb.
“Robotic Assisted Surgery” – Essential technique for “Total Knee Replacement Surgery”
Knee osteoarthritis is a problem that commonly occurs as people age. However, these days, osteoarthritis is found more frequently in younger people. Leaving the disease untreated, may affect everyday life.
Flat Feet may Cause Back and Knee Pain
The reason is because the entire sole of the foot completely contacts or in close-contact with the ground, causing high pressure in the sole of the foot and ankle. Therefore, people with flat feet are at higher risk of having pain in their feet and shins. Moreover, people with flat feet also put high pressure on their knees which is also one of the causes of pain in their knees and back.
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