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Improper Lifting can cause Disc Herniation!
Although exercising makes your body healthy, incorrect or improper ways of exercising have risks of affecting physical health.
Protect against Monkeypox Infection during the outbreak
Many people are concerned with the ongoing spread of monkeypox. That is why a comprehensive understanding of this disease is important.
The Lifestyle that doesn’t damage the Spinal Cord
Our everyday lifestyles that include activities such as sitting, lying down or lifting heavy objects incorrectly are contributing factors that damage the spinal cord. Knowing the correct ways to adjust our habits will help us reduce spinal problems that may occur in the future.
8 Noticeable Symptoms of Omicron Sub-variants of Covid-19
Currently, the severity of Covid-19 infection has reduced due to the ongoing mutations of the virus, causing changes in the post-Covid conditions compared to before. The symptoms of Omicron variants can be noticed by the following signs:
Why is the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Bangkok Known as the “King of Bones?”
Vejthani Hospital’s “King of Bones” building was given its nickname because it offers the best orthopedic care in Bangkok.
Vejthani Hospital Offers the Best Care in Thailand For Expats and Medical Tourists
Learn why expats and medical tourists in Thailand think Vejthani Hospital provides the best medical care to meet their needs.
Receive Care From The Best Orthopedic Doctors in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital
Learn why many consider the doctors and orthopedic specialists at Vejthani to be the best in Thailand.
Vejthani Hospital Provides Quality Spine Care in Thailand
Vejthani Hospital has created a new Spine Center in Bangkok, Thailand, that offers modern technology and techniques to treat a range of spine issues.
Vejthani is one of the Best Spine Hospitals in Bangkok
With the establishment of their new Spine Center, Vejthani Hospital has become one of the best spine hospitals in Bangkok.
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