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8 Factors that Trigger Headache Lack of sleep Stress, anxiety or excitement. Bright or flickering lights. Cigarette smoke or perfumes. Environmental issues such as weather changes. Excessive consumption of caffeine. Skipping meals. Menstruation (hormonal changes in women)....

9 Warning Signs of Brain Tumor Changes in personality, behavior and thoughts. Memory dysfunction or confusion. Hearing abnormality. Obstructive communication. Balancing problem.Nausea, Vomiting and Drowsiness. Numbness on the hands and legs. Blurred vision or double vision. Seizure incident....

Social Media's Itchy Trigger Finger An excessive use of finger including prolonged the same posture or holding too much weight are the main behaviors that lead to "Tenosynovitis". This disorder is nicknamed “Trigger Finger”. In this current digital age, people get attached to their smartphones...

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