February 4, 2020 Cancer Center
What kind of cancer screening test do we need to undergo?
You might question yourself “What kind of cancer screening test do I need?” Since, the sooner you know, the better result you will get. Thus, cancer screening tests are very important and useful.
February 4, 2020
There are a lot of diseases that cause Adenomyosis such as Acrochordon, Uterine Fibroids, Uterine cancer, and Endometriosis. Adenomyosis is a disease that occurs when the endometrium grows in other parts of the organ.
January 29, 2020 Respiratory Clinic
Ultrafine dust
PM 2.5 dust , the tiny particles that affects the respiratory system, heart, blood vessel, and cause Allergies, Chronic rashes, Free radicle, Heart diseases, High blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.
January 29, 2020 Cancer Center
Are you at risk for Lung cancer ?
Due to the unsafe level of PM 2.5 dust issue, the awareness about the environment is increasing, as well as the questions about PM 2.5 dust effects on health is increasing in people’s mind, too. Is it increase the risk of Lung cancer? Let’s find out!
January 27, 2020 Skin & Aesthetic Center
PM 2.5 Dust , our skin’s dangerous enemy
Besides the effects on the respiratory system, PM 2.5 dust also affects our beautiful skin because of its size and it is able to absorb to the skin, so that causes the abnormal function of the skin’s cells and enzyme.
January 23, 2020
Viral pneumonia outbreak ( Wuhan Coronavirus )
The viral pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China is the disease caused by 2019-2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) which is the new coronavirus and it is a human-to-human transmitted disease. The virus spreads by cough, sneeze, saliva, and phlegm.
January 22, 2020 Infectious Disease Clinic
PM 2.5 Dust Effects on Health
If you have any abnormal symptoms such as respiratory distress, cough, breathing difficulty, or exhaustion; you should see the doctor immediately.
January 21, 2020
Leukemia , a dangerous disease that might occur on everybody.
Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells caused by abnormal blood cell overproduction. It occurs in the bone marrow where the blood cells are originated.
January 18, 2020 Vejthani Q Life
Erectile Dysfunction is the big concerned problem of every men. Luckily, we are now have the treatment innovative procedure called “ Shockwave ”. With this procedure, you will feel stronger within 3 months after receiving the treatment.
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