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Shoulder Hyperextensions May Lead to Rotator Cuff Tears


Shoulder hyperextensions, especially overextending the arm while driving or twisting the body to reach for an object in the backseat, can abruptly stretch or overstretch the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder, causing tendon tears.

Symptoms of rotator cuff tears include worsening shoulder pain that interferes with everyday activities, such as pain when sleeping on one side, difficulty lifting the arm, and challenges with dressing. If left untreated, frozen shoulders may develop over time.

Therefore, individuals experiencing persistent shoulder pain for an extended period are advised to seek proper diagnosis and treatment from a doctor.

The doctor may prescribe a combination of medications and physiotherapy for mild symptoms. However, surgery may be necessary if symptoms persist or worsen, leading to tendon rupture.

Endoscopic minimally invasive surgery is now available to treat rotator cuff tears. The surgery involves a small incision of only 1 cm, which minimizes muscle damage, side effects, and recovery time, allowing patients to resume their normal activities faster.

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