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Treatment Methods for Rotator Cuff Tears


Rotator cuff tear caused by excessive use of the shoulder in the same position for a long period that leads to tendons degeneration. Other causes may include severe shoulder injuries which may happen when playing a high-impact sport. A torn rotator cuff may cause chronic shoulder pain, inability to lift the arm all the way and limited range of motion. All these symptoms can affect everyday life.

Treatment for rotator cuff tears depends on the severity and period of time the disease has persisted. The treatment methods are as follows:

Tendinitis or Partial tears 

  • For mild inflammation or partial tear of the rotator cuff, doctor would recommend medications along with physiotherapy and pause heavy use of the shoulder.
  • If the condition does not get better with medications and physiotherapy, doctor may consider steroid or anti-inflammatory injections to reduce the inflammation. 

Severe or Complete tears 

  • Doctor may recommend arthroscopic surgery to repair the injured tendons. This procedure results in small incision and fast recovery, allowing the patients to get back their previous lifestyles. 

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