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All the services available under globalization standards our excellence center is designed to meet all your needs.

Over three hundred thousand patients per year

International patients from 40 different countries


Over three hundred thousand patients per year


Over 700 full-time employees


Over 300 physicians and dentists on staff, most with international training / certification

Góc tri ân

Over the years, Vejthani hospital has been receiving very positive feedback from our customers.

You can read some of  comments or watch video about what other people say about us here.


Mr. Hans Jurgen Schmitz underwent Open Hernioplasty with Mesh Graft Surgery at Vejthani Hospital. Find out what he thinks of our treatment, surgeon and medical services!

Looking for an affordable, convenient and reliable hospital in Thailand? Please take a moment to watch the patients at Vejthani Hospital share their stories of health care they received from our top specialists and staff.

Mr. Daniel Cliut Tauntou, an Australian patient went through Hair Transplant Surgery at Vejthani Hospital. He describes it as “really really well on all levels” to Dr. Chanika Witoonchart (Skin Laser & Cosmetic Center) and Dr. Athasit Amornthanomchoke (Vejthani Q-Life Center).

Dịch vụ chuyên khoa

Vejthani Spine Center

Trung tâm cột sống

The operation is done in a highly clinical, yet safe, friendly, and relaxing manner. You can rest assured to get only the best possible result because our surgeon team consists of only highly dedicated, certified orthopedic specialists

Women’s Health Center

Women’s Health Center

The Women’s Health Center at Vejthani Hospital provides thorough medical consultation and treatment of Ob/Gyn’s diseases by highly skilled specialists.

Orthopedics Center

Orthopedics Center

Vejthani Hospital Orthopedics Center is one of the best orthopedics groups in Bangkok specializing in the care of the musculoskeletal system.

Ưu đãi-Giảm giá

At Vejthani, hospital in Bangkok,Thailand. We provide health programs  to suit your healthcare needs.

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