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March 1, 2020
Currently, Vejthani Hospital has a preparation plan for COVID-19
Currently, Vejthani Hospital has a preparation plan for COVID-19. The patient who has the following symptoms need to undergo the disease investigation.
January 6, 2020
According to the outbreak of viral pneumonia in Wuhan, China. Still, we haven’t found out the cause of the disease. However, it is not a common flu virus, bird flu virus, adenovirus, or common respiratory disease.
December 14, 2019
Fire drill practice news
On December 13, 2019, Vejthani Hospital has organized the fire drill of the year 2019 in order to train broad of directors, doctors, dentists, as well as medical staff and officers to be prepared in case of fire to reduce the risk of the loss of life and property of all patients and hospital’s staff.
September 30, 2019
የልዩ የምስክር ወረቀት።
የልዩ የምስክር ወረቀት።
August 24, 2019
የjጅታሃን ሆስፒታል በቅርቡ የዓለም 1 ኛ ደረጃን አረጋገጠ ፡፡
አስደሳች ዜና የቬጂታኒ ሆስፒታል የመኃንነት ህክምና ማዕከል ከጥምር ኮሚሽኑ(JCI) በክሊኒካል ኬር ፕሮግራም (CCPC)የምስክር ወረቀት ተቀብሎዋል ይህም በአለም በዘርፉ ካሉ ማዕከላት ይህን ክብር በማግኘት የመጀመሪያው ያደርገዋል፡፡ክቡራን ደምበኞቻችንም እኛ ጋር ሲመጡ በመኃንነት ህክምና ብቃት ባላቸው ባለሙያዎች አለም አቀፍ ደረጃውን የጠበቀ አገልግሎት እንደሚያገኙ በመተማመን ነው፡፡
May 15, 2019
SuperRich Currency Exchange
Vejthani Hospital now provides currency exchange service with SuperRich Currency Exchange available daily from 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM, G Floor (opposite Starbucks)
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