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Scoliosis could be the cause of Difficulty Breathing and Tiredness..


When it comes to scoliosis, many people are not aware of having this disease and may unintentionally discover it during a yearly health check through a chest X-ray. This would make them wonder if the disease is dangerous and what are the steps that should be taken.

  • No treatment is required for asymptomatic scoliosis or condition that does not affect patient’s everyday life.
  • However, those with severe scoliosis or children in the development age with this disease may have a chance of increased curvature, which can result in a chest wall deformity. This causes reduction in the chest cavity and leads to difficulty breathing as well as tiredness. The disease can become fatal, if left untreated.
  • If you think you have scoliosis or have incidentally found it from lungs X-ray, you are recommended for further diagnosis by undergoing spinal cord X-rays to see the level of the curvature.

The earlier scoliosis is diagnosed, and treatment is received, the better result it has, especially in children. Leaving the disease untreated will lead to poor posture and mental wellness. Treatment methods range from psychical therapy to surgery.

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