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Leaving Scoliosis Untreated Leads to Rapid Degeneration


Normally spinal cord deteriorates from being used and from ageing, especially for patients over 40 years old. Initial signs of deterioration include neck pain and lower back pain. 

However, those with scoliosis are at a higher risk of bone deterioration than others. It is because an unusual way of twisting the spine causes imbalanced distributions of body weight during physical activities.

If this imbalance prolongs with inadequate muscle strength that helps bear the body weight, the likelihood of the deterioration in the spinal cord increases. 

Those who are aware of having scoliosis should regularly exercise back muscles to strengthen and enable them to bear the body weight without causing soreness. If sitting or standing is unavoidable, the patient should be sitting/standing while trying to keep the spinal cord straight at all times. 

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