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4 Self-care Measures to Prevent Back Pain


One of the significant health issues among elderly people is “back pain,” which tends to affect the area around the back and the hip.  

Back pain is caused by various factors, including being in the same posture for hours, a sedentary lifestyle, and using a chair or bed unsuitable for older people. To prevent and alleviate back pain in both older people and young ones, orthopedic doctors recommend: 

  1. Regular exercising: Body movement not only stimulates the heart to pump blood better but also boosts metabolism. Exercising reduces muscle tension, strengthens bones, and improves mental health. A simple exercise that is recommended is walking, and for those with knee problems, walking in water is advised. Outdoor exercising also increases the calcium level from sun exposure, promoting calcium production. 
  2. Avoid being in the same posture for hours: This includes sitting and standing. These activities put extra pressure on the joints and muscles, which increase over time. 
  3. Fill your diet with calcium, which can be obtained from consuming calcium-rich food, such as Thai copperpod, kale, ivy gourd, milk, and soy milk.  
  4. Avoid wind and coldness from a fan or an air conditioner directly touching the body, as it can cause muscle cramps.  

Despite the guideline above, if you experience chronic back pain radiating to the lower parts of the body, see a specialist without delay for the doctor to offer a precise diagnosis and proper treatment.

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