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What to avoid when you are a Scoliosis patient?


Scoliosis patients should avoid the following activities as the condition could be worsened or back pain could develop:

  1. Activities that have high loads and directly affect the spine such as extreme sports.
  2. Heavy lifting or carrying high loads on your back or carrying extremely heavy backpack.
  3. Being in a wrong position for a long period of time such as slouching or tilting while sitting.

If suspicious of having scoliosis or has been diagnosed unexpectedly from lungs X-ray, it is recommended to do further investigations by undergoing spinal X-rays to determine the extent of the curvature. Because if scoliosis is diagnosed early and the decision to receive treatment is made early as well, it will lead to better effectiveness of the treatment. Especially in children, if it is left untreated, it will affect both the posture and mental health.

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