4 Covid-19 Variants of Concern that Worry the World
Covid-19 has genetically altered through mutation. Currently, the World Health Organization has identified 12 variants of Covid-19 virus that have emerged and like other viruses

Have you ever wonder what is a COVID-19 Antibody Level Test? And when is the most appropriate time for the test? The COVID-19 Antibody Level Test is a test used to measure the SARS-CoV2 antibody levels in the spike protein

5 Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccination
Boost the immunity by creating an antibody Prevent and reduce the risk of severe illness Reduce the risk of death from COVID-19 Reduce the risk of spreading Reconnect with society

Possible side effects after getting vaccinated
Every type of vaccine has side effects which are the reactions of the body to the vaccine, these reactions are the signs that the body is about to stimulate

What You Need to Know Before/During/After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine
Before Learn about the COVID-19 vaccines and make an appointment. Take enough sleep, drink at least 8 glasses of water, and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks.

Sinovac Manufacturer: Sinovac – China Effectiveness: 49.6 - 50.7% Authorized groups: 18-60 Years old Dosing: 2 Doses (3 Weeks between the shots) Possible side effects: Pain at the injection site, Headache, Numbness AstraZeneca Manufacturer: AstraZeneca – United Kingdom Effectiveness: 70.4-82.4% Authorized groups: Over

8 Groups of People Who are at Higher Risk of getting COVID-19 Infection
Patients who were infected by the COVID-19 virus have different symptoms. Some patients even have no symptoms, but on the other hand, some patients manifest severe symptoms and needs to be attached to the ventilator. The groups of people who might have more severe symptoms than others are infants, pregnant women, elderly people, and the people who have the following underlying diseases:

The Amount of COVID-19 Virus in Different Secretions
“Secretion” is a substance formed in and given off by a gland that usually performs different useful functions in the body. When the COVID-19 virus gets into the body, it will accumulate in different secretions in unequal quantities. According to a study, the COVID-19

Viral pneumonia outbreak ( Wuhan Coronavirus )
The viral pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China is the disease caused by 2019-2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) which is the new coronavirus and it is a human-to-human transmitted disease. The virus spreads by cough, sneeze, saliva, and phlegm.