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Have you ever wonder what is a COVID-19 Antibody Level Test? And when is the most appropriate time for the test? 

The COVID-19 Antibody Level Test is a test used to measure the SARS-CoV2 antibody levels in the spike protein that is the essential part in transferring the virus into the cells and causes infection. After receiving the vaccine or the virus infection, our immunity will gradually generate antibodies to fight against the virus. If the proper antibody levels were obtained, the body could prevent infection and reduce the risk of the severe illness. 

When is the best time to get the COVID-19 antibody level test? 

  • 1 month after COVID-19 infection 
  • 2 weeks after fully vaccinated

The COVID-19 Antibody Level Test can be done by a blood test and the test result will be ready within 90 minutes.

Although the COVID-19 antibody level test is the test used to determine the COVID-19 immunity level, it is not a diagnostic test for COVID-19 detection. 

Even the test result has shown that your COVID-19 antibody level is at the proper level, you still need to practice the 3 golden rules of COVID-19 protection as follows;

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer
  • Practice social distancing, stay at least 1 – 2 Meters apart from others.

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