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The Amount of COVID-19 Virus in Different Secretions


  • Mucus: 97.9 %
  • Saliva: 88.6 %
  • Stool: 70.8 %
  • Throat: 60 %
  • Blood: 12.3 %
  • Tear: 1.1 %
  • Urine: Not found
  • Semen: Not found
  • Vaginal secretion: Not found

“Secretion” is a substance formed in and given off by a gland that usually performs different useful functions in the body. When the COVID-19 virus gets into the body, it will accumulate in different secretions in unequal quantities. According to  a study, the COVID-19 virus accumulates in the mucus around 97.9%, in the saliva around 88.6%, and in the throat around 60%. Even in the stool, the COVID-19 virus also accumulates in the stool around 70.8%. However, the virus screening test in the stool is not convenient to do, that’s why the medical staff don’t use this method but instead, they use a SWAB test. Moreover, the amount of the virus in the stool may create a higher risk of spreading the virus. Thus, when using a public toilet, we should close the toilet lid before flushing, and wash our hands with soap and water at least 20 seconds after using the toilet. Although, there is only 12.3% of  COVID-19 virus that can be accumulated in the blood, blood donations also require strict screening. If you are not sure if you have the COVID-19 infection, better not donate your blood. Surprisingly, the COVID-19 virus was detected in tears too but there is only 1.1% in it. However, there is no COVID-19 virus found in the urine, semen and vaginal secretion.

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