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8 Noticeable Symptoms of Omicron Sub-variants of Covid-19


Currently, the severity of Covid-19 infection has reduced due to the ongoing mutations of the virus, causing changes in the post-Covid conditions compared to before. The symptoms of Omicron variants can be noticed by the following signs:

  1. Headache, muscle ache, tiredness
  2. Voice changes and phlegm appears
  3. High fever 39°C
  4. Chilly but sweating
  5. Runny or stuffy nose
  6. Dry itchy throat, cough
  7. Sore throat, sharp pain in the throat when swallowing saliva
  8. Tired, weaker, feeling blues, lack of desire to do things

Although the level of severity of the disease has reduced, the possibilities of transmission have increased. If the symptoms occur, patients should get tested for Covid-19 to undergo a proper treatment process and isolate themselves from others to prevent cluster transmission. Omicron variant of Covid-19 can be prevented by wearing facial masks, frequent hand washing, and maintaining 1.5-meter distance from others.

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