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Possible side effects after getting vaccinated


Every type of vaccine has side effects which are the reactions of the body to the vaccine, these reactions are the signs that the body is about to stimulate the immunity to fight against the virus. The side effects can be divided into 2 groups as follows;

  1. Common side effects are mild and moderate levels of the side effects such as Pain and swelling at the injection site, Fever, Fatigue, Nausea, and Vomiting. Basically, these side effects will be gone within 24 – 48 hours and can be relieved by taking pain-killer pills (Avoid taking Brufen/ Arcoxia/ Celebrex), drinking plenty of water, and taking some rest. 
  2. Severe side effects are the drastic reaction of the body to the vaccine. Nevertheless, severe side effects rarely occur, but these side effects might occur in people who have a medical history of having severe allergic reactions to any type of vaccine. Basically, allergic reactions such as High fever, Low blood pressure, Chest tightness, Difficulty breathing, Dizziness, and Fainting will happen within 30 minutes after getting vaccinated. However, these allergic reactions can be cured if the proper treatment was received.
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