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4 Covid-19 Variants of Concern that Worry the World


Covid-19 has genetically altered through mutation. Currently, the World Health Organization has identified 12 variants of Covid-19 virus that have emerged and like other viruses, further mutations may occur. WHO classified the notable Covid-19 variants as Delta, Alpha, Gamma, and Beta. The origin of each variant and their severities are as follows:

  • GB – Alpha: was first detected in the United Kingdom
    Severity: This variant spreads easier than the initial variant.
  • ZA – Beta: was first detected in South Africa
    Severity:  This variant has higher possibility of causing severe illness or death compared to the initial strain of the virus.
  • IN – Delta: was first found in India
    Severity: This variant spreads more rapidly than the original variant and currently found as the dominant strain in Thailand.
  • BR – Gamma: was first detected in Brazil
    Severity: The strain is more contagious than other variants and the effectiveness of vaccine protection against Gamma variant is low.

Experts around the world and the World Health Organization are still studying and researching to find ways to combat all types of Covid-19 variants. The steps we can take to protect ourselves and our closed ones from the virus are by wearing surgical mask, wash our hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizer every time we get in contacts. Avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth and maintain 1-2 meters distance from others.  

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