Flat Feet may Cause Back and Knee Pain
The reason is because the entire sole of the foot completely contacts or in close-contact with the ground, causing high pressure in the sole of the foot and ankle. Therefore, people with flat feet are at higher risk of having pain in their feet and shins. Moreover, people with flat feet also put high pressure on their knees which is also one of the causes of pain in their knees and back.

Beauty is Pain: “Toe Deformities” could be a Silent Threat to working People
Did you know that women tend to have a higher risk of “toe deformities” than men by 13 times? The majority of the working women wear leather shoes to work for 6-8 hours per day, developing pain in the inner part of the toes. Notice the painful toe from a round swollen bump on one side. For some people, it can be noticed that the big toe has been visibly deformed.

Chronic Achilles Tendinitis May Lead to Heel Spurs
Achilles tendinitis causes ankle pain that gets worse after exercising or walking. There may also have a red and swollen area above the ankle, which hurts when you press or move the ankle, and feel warm around the area and stiffness in the calf muscles.

What Causes Swollen Feet?
Sometimes the condition goes away on its own without treatment, but in certain cases, it can be a sign of other serious diseases.

PRP Injection (Platelet Rich Plasma): Alternative Treatment for Achilles Tendinitis
Treating Achilles tendinitis or plantar fasciitis and chronic pain at the back of an ankle is no longer challenging. Currently, new medical innovation called PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma injection is used to repair the injured area. This alternative treatment has been proven to be an effective method.

Having to tolerate pain in the bottom of the foot is not a good sign
Plantar fasciitis occurs when inflammation starts from the band of tissues around the heels and pain radiates to Achilles tendon. Without a proper treatment, chronic pain could develop and “heel spurs” could form.

Is Surgery A Necessity for The Treatment of A Heel Spur?
If you feel pain or tingling sensation on your feet while walking, you could be having “a heel spur”. You may need medical attention before your symptoms worsen and become unbearable to walk. If you are having bony outgrowth under your feet

Should You Soak Your Feet in Warm or Cold Water to Relieve Pain?
Walking or standing all day long might make you feel tired and experience pain on your feet. But, should you soak your feet in warm or cold water to relieve pain.

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Foot & Ankle – Smaller incisions, Lesser Pain, and Faster Recovery
Nowadays, Medical technologies have been developing readily, as same as the foot and ankle surgery that has evolved into utilizing an endoscope