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Is Surgery A Necessity for The Treatment of A Heel Spur?


If you feel pain or tingling sensation on your feet while walking, you could be having “a heel spur”. You may need medical attention before your symptoms worsen and become unbearable to walk. If you are having bony outgrowth under your feet, it could be the result of Achilles tendinitis along with the condition of heel spur.

What will be the treatment for a heel spur? Is surgery required?

Don’t worry, as conservative treatment is always the first choice. Whether there is an outgrowth of a heel spur or not, performing surgery to remove the bone will only be an option when the conservative treatments have failed. The treatment options for a heel spur include, physiotherapy, behavioral change in physical activities along with using suitable shoes as the advice of a physiotherapist.

If the symptom does not improve, anti-inflammatory medications can be added to the treatment to help you relieve the pain. Before getting to surgery, another technique to treat the condition will be an injection that reduces swelling and pain. It will be injected under the foot in the affected area which will significantly improve the painful condition.

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