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Chronic Achilles Tendinitis May Lead to Heel Spurs


Achilles tendinitis causes ankle pain that gets worse after exercising or walking. There may also have a red and swollen area above the ankle, which hurts when you press or move the ankle, and feel warm around the area and stiffness in the calf muscles.  

Leaving Achilles tendinitis untreated until the condition becomes chronic will develop calcium buildups in the bones. Initially, there may be no symptoms but patients could become aware of it when heel spurs have formed and chronic ankle pain develops. Some patients may not be able to play sports like before due to the pain and swelling at the back of the ankle or when bone spurs could be felt by hands, they could rub against the shoe edges or the tendons, causing further injury to the tendons.  

To cure the disease, surgery is required to remove the bone spurs. The doctor will make an incision of 3-4 cm. The recovery period is around 6 weeks before patients can go back to their daily activities and return to sports within 4-5 months after surgery.

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