Young People with Sedentary Lifestyle are at Risk of Losing Muscle Mass
During the COVID-19 outbreak, many people had a sedentary lifestyle, not getting enough exercise and consuming insufficient protein.
Patients with Osteonecrosis of hip could be at risk of undergoing hip replacement surgery
Osteonecrosis of hip is a disruption or reduced blood flow to the femoral head or thighbone, leading to a deterioration of bone segment in the hip as bone cells require a consistent blood supply to stay healthy.
C-Mill Machine: Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation restores balance in patients with Cerebrovascular Disease
C-Mill functional gait and balance training machine uses a robot to restore impaired gait in a realistic virtual environment based on games. For instance, walking in various settings and avoiding obstacles on the road.
5 Easy Steps to Unlock your Trigger Finger
Trigger finger often arises from long-term behaviors or activities that involve constant hand movements such as carrying or lifting heavy objects for an excessive amount of time.
Improving the Symptoms of Depression with TMS
What is Depression? Depression is a common mental illness that negatively affects feelings, thinking, and behavior. There are a lot of people who do not realize that they are sick, so they did not receive the treatment in time.
Reducing Pain with Red Cord Suspension
suspension that is used in conjunction with neurac method is the treatment that aims to restore normal function of the muscles through a high level of individualized neuromuscular stimulation exercise
Paresis or Paralysis can be recovered by Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation
A customized rehabilitation program designed just for you by doctors and physiotherapists Rehabilitation programs are designed by specialists and customized for each patient to suit their different needs. To achieve a better result
Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation Increases the Chance of Successful Gait & Balance Training
How is Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation Better than Conventional Therapy? Robotic-assisted rehabilitation involves Task-Specific and Highly Repetitive Training, which stimulates nervous system that controls rhythmic motor pattern such as walking
Red Cord Suspension, a Revolutionary Method of Rehabilitation for Pain Relief
A lot of people may be suffering from chronic pain that even though they have undergone several treatment procedures, the pain is still there and the severity has continued to increase. This affects their daily activities
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