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C-Mill Machine: Robotic-Assisted Rehabilitation restores balance in patients with Cerebrovascular Disease


C-Mill functional gait and balance training machine uses a robot to restore impaired gait in a realistic virtual environment based on games. For instance, walking in various settings and avoiding obstacles on the road. The device helps balance and gait recovery, fixes walking patterns to prepare patients for real situations.

  • Restores gait and balance, and adjust walking patterns
  • Train with a virtual reality-based game in simulated environments that are suitable for each patient.
  • Prevents boredom, reduces pressure and stress during training. It motivates patients to continue with the program to reach their goals.
  • The machine can be used on patients who suffer from brain dysfunction or cognitive impairment, especially on:
    – Visuospatial, focuses on the ability to identify distance and directions
    – Praxis, ability to operate task-specific jobs
    – Attention span for complex tasks
    – Executive function which is a decision-making skill for activities or work management.

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