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Red Cord Suspension, a Revolutionary Method of Rehabilitation for Pain Relief


A lot of people may be suffering from chronic pain that even though they have undergone several treatment procedures, the pain is still there and the severity has continued to increase. This affects their daily activities, careers, sports activities, and their mental health. 

Red Cord Suspension (Neurac Method) is one of the effective treatment options for pain management. With Red Cord suspension and the Neurac Method, the pain at any part of the body will be targeted and relieved effectively. 

Basically, our body will have a normal response to pain. The nervous system sends a signal to stop or disturb the function of some muscles, resulting to imbalanced muscle function, and it can become either overactive or inactive. The imbalanced muscle function around the joints and core muscles can lead to joint injury and degeneration of the joint, tendon, and spine, causing more pain from more severe conditions. 

Red cord suspension that is used in conjunction with neurac method is the treatment that aims to restore normal function of the muscles through a high level of individualized neuromuscular stimulation exercise, allowing the patients to relieve their pain from its sources which result in shorter treatment duration. Aside from not causing any pain or injury during the treatment, this method is suitable for patients who have the following conditions:

  • Pain that is caused by office syndrome
  • Pain that is caused by spondylosis
  • Chronic injury that is caused by sport injury
  • Shoulder pain that is caused by shoulder impingement syndrome or rotator cuff syndrome 
  • Post-spine surgery or knee tendon repair surgery

Hence, if you are suffering from pain or chronic injury, we recommend you to seek medical attention from the pain management specialist in order to receive proper diagnosis and treatment for pain relief that best suits you as soon as possible before it gets worse.

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