Start Walking Again in 12 hours after Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Knee osteoarthritis is a crucial problem among older adults. It does not only impact everyday lives when standing, walking, or sitting but also leads to chronic knee pain and deformity if left untreated for a long time.

“Robotic Assisted Surgery” Key Element for Knee Replacement Surgery
Persistent pain, a significant cause of suffering and disruption in daily life, challenges many seniors. If left unaddressed, the symptoms can escalate, potentially causing deformation of the knee joint; walking becomes extremely difficult or even impossible

“Robotic Assisted Surgery” – Essential technique for “Total Knee Replacement Surgery”
Knee osteoarthritis is a problem that commonly occurs as people age. However, these days, osteoarthritis is found more frequently in younger people. Leaving the disease untreated, may affect everyday life.

Symptoms of Knee Joint Effusion can easily be noticed
Knee joint effusion or water in the knee is an abnormality of synovial fluid in the knee joints which could be a result of an inflammation or injury. For instance

Drying of Synovial Fluid in the Knee Joint Can Lead to Osteoarthritis
Popping or cracking sound, tightness or pain in the knee could be signs of the decreased synovial fluid. If left untreated, it may lead to knee osteoarthritis.

Fix Your Degenerative Knee with these 3 Treatment Options
There are 3 treatment options for knee osteoarthritis, however, the doctor will be the one who considers which treatment that best suits with each patient, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Knee Osteoarthritis cannot be avoided but we can Slow Down its Occurrence
Knee osteoarthritis is a knee degenerative joint disease that its possibility to occur increases as we age and how we use our knees.

4 Signs & Symptoms of Hip Fracture
The most common injury in elderly is due to falling. It is because of the body’s degeneration that causes balance problems and osteoporosis. Hence, falls in elderly cause major injuries, such as bone fracture, especially hip fracture because it is the area that can be impinged directly.

Surgery Within ’24 Hours’ Improves Quality Outcomes in Hip Fracture
As we known that the osteoporosis is a health concern among elderly people and associated with changes in balance and physical performance which increase the risk of falling.