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Symptoms of Knee Joint Effusion can easily be noticed


Knee joint effusion or water in the knee is an abnormality of synovial fluid in the knee joints which could be a result of an inflammation or injury. For instance, a trauma that directly affected the knee joint, diseases that cause irritation or inflammation, or deteriorating body that causes the connective tissue in the lining of the joint capsule to produce excess amount of synovial fluid which build up in the joint and eventually leads to knee joint effusion. Each patient will have distinctive symptoms.  

  • Pain and noticeably swollen kneecap  
  • Slightly swollen and painful knee when bent or stretched
  • Redness on kneecap or on the surrounding area
  • Mass like tumor or cysts can be felt at the back of kneecap

Knee joint effusion treatment does not necessarily end with surgery or arthrocentesis, a puncture of knee joint to release the excess fluid. But it will focus on treating the cause of the disease. If there is a presence of unusual signs that are similar to knee joint effusion symptoms, seek immediate medical attention from a specialist to diagnose the exact cause and plan a proper treatment.  

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