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“Robotic Assisted Surgery” Key Element for Knee Replacement Surgery


Persistent pain, a significant cause of suffering and disruption in daily life, challenges many seniors. If left unaddressed, the symptoms can escalate, potentially causing deformation of the knee joint; walking becomes extremely difficult or even impossible, which often means surgery is needed. Over numerous years, Vejthani Hospital has consistently used cutting-edge medical technology in knee and hip replacement procedures, specifically through Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and Computer Assisted Surgery in Total Knee Arthroplasty. This strategic use of advanced medical equipment helps surgeons with real-time data during surgeries, ensuring heightened accuracy, precision, and overall safety. This approach significantly eliminates the risk of error in knee replacement, offering a more effective solution to alleviate the prevalent challenges among older adults.

Advancements in diagnosing knee osteoarthritis have achieved incredible intricacy and precision through Cartigram. Cartigram precisely signifies the deterioration of the knee joint cartilage and provides a comprehensive evaluation of the knee health. Recently, The hospital has incorporated robots in surgical procedures to enhance accuracy and precision during operations.

Dr. Premstien Sitithanapipat, Total Joint Reconstruction Surgeon at Vejthani Hospital, revealed that knee osteoarthritis is a prevalent concern, commonly associated with the elderly, but it is increasingly found in younger people today. Neglecting its treatment can have a substantial impact on daily life. In cases of severe conditions, surgical intervention becomes essential. Vejthani Hospital has elevated its standards to enhance the success of knee replacement surgeries through the help of Computer Assisted Surgery, further refined by the integration of Robotic Assisted Surgery. These technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing the accuracy and precision of surgical procedures, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of the surgeries.

Robotic Assisted Surgery is beneficial for patients with severe knee osteoarthritis. Patients can reclaim a joyful and active lifestyle after the surgery, participating in physical activities and using the knee in a way that closely mirrors its natural functionality. Within 24 hours following the surgery, patients can stand, walk, or move the knee. The surgical incision is small, minimizing discomfort and lowering the risk of complications.

“Aside from its advantages for the patients, the robotic equipment also plays a crucial role as a surgical assistant, helping surgeons plan and perform the surgeries. The strengths of robotic-assisted surgery lie in its ability to determine the bone’s position before operating, ensuring alignment with the intended target and minimizing the risk of errors that could lead to bone damage. The robotic arm holds the bone in place without needing a pin. The robot will stop automatically if the bone is moved past the targeted position, ensuring the surgery is performed accurately and precisely. The surgeon’s experience and expertise, combined with these technologies, makes it possible to restore the artificial joint to a position closely resembling the original, bringing back the knee’s natural and accurate functionality to the fullest extent,” stated Dr. Premstien.

Vejthani Hospital, at the forefront of technology-driven treatments for a better quality of life, will soon unveil further advancements in knee replacement surgery. These innovative technologies will precisely measure ligament pressure and tension within the joint. This allows surgeons to carefully preserve as much ligament and bone as possible, minimizing tissue disruption and promoting faster recovery. Consult a knee specialist if you experience symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, unusual sensations, or persistent knee pain. Early treatment can save you from lasting pain and pave the way for a smooth return to your everyday life.

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