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Fix Your Degenerative Knee with these 3 Treatment Options


There are 3 treatment options for knee osteoarthritis, however, the doctor will be the one who considers which treatment that best suits with each patient, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

  • Non-Medical Treatment: Most mild cases, non-medical treatment may be enough. They can just reduce the risk factors of knee osteoarthritis by weight control, frequent knee muscle stretching exercise alternate with the non-surgical treatment such as laser or acupuncture to relieve the pain.
  • Medical Treatment: For those with moderate symptoms, the doctor may recommend oral medicines and external medicines, such as pain relief drug or cream.
  • Surgical Treatment: Knee Arthroscopy is used to clean the synovial fluid, damaged bone, cartilage, and tissue of the knee, and resurface and stimulate the knee bone. Another surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis is Total Knee Replacement which is recommended for the patients who have severe knee osteoarthritis. In this procedure, the damaged knee bone will be resurfaced and replaced with the artificial one. With the state of the art technologies on TKA procedure such as Computer Assisted Surgery and Robotic-Assisted Surgery, these allow the surgeon to provide the patients with precise and better treatment so that the patients can get faster recovery, and fewer complications compared to the traditional surgical procedures.

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