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Long-term untreated Hemorrhoids can lead to a risk of recurrence
Although hemorrhoid does not seem like a dangerous disease, it creates a nuisance when defecating and itches during the day. There is a chance of inflammations and for symptoms to occur again if a hemorrhoid is left untreated for a long time or treated improperly.
Things to Know about Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids, better known as Piles, refers to swollen blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and anus (together known as anorectum) that causes pain and irritation especially when defecating.
Traditional Hemorrhoidectomy vs. Laser Hemorrhoidectomy
Hemorrhoid is an annoying disease that affects our daily lives and happiness in the toilet, especially in people who have a 3rd to 4th stage of hemorrhoids. If you have a 3rd to 4th stage of hemorrhoids, you may need to undergo the hemorrhoidectomy. But, have you ever wondered which type of hemorrhoidectomy best suits you?
Primary Symptoms of Hemorrhoid
Inner hemorrhoid is the early stage of hemorrhoid and it can be cured by non-surgical treatment. If you have the following symptoms,
Laser Treatment for Piles
Nowadays, there is a hemorrhoid laser technique which is recommended for the 2nd – 3rd stage of symptomatic hemorrhoid because it will provide the best result. For the 1st stage of symptomatic hemorrhoid, the symptom is not severe so it is dispensable to have surgery.
Hemorrhoid is a kind of disease where many people usually decided not to come to see the doctor when the symptoms started until it irritates and affect their daily life, after that they decided to come to see the doctor, just because they’re afraid of Hemorrhoid surgical treatment.
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