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Primary Symptoms of Hemorrhoid


ជំងឺឬសដូងបាត, Haemorrhoid

Inner hemorrhoid is the early stage of hemorrhoid and it can be cured by non-surgical treatment. If you have the following symptoms, you should receive medical advice and treatment.

  1. Blood in the stool or blood on the tissue paper, but no pain sensation.
  2. Itchiness or irritation around the anus.
  3. Swelling around the anal area because of the swollen veins in the anus.
  4. Soft lump in the anus.

The type of hemorrhoid treatment depends on the stage of hemorrhoid. For the early stage of hemorrhoid, it can be cured by taking medicines or using suppository drugs along with self-care, consuming high fiber food, drinking enough water, and controlling your toilet routine. On the other hand, for the severe stage of hemorrhoid, we would recommend Laser Hemorrhoidectomy. The laser will be inserted into the anal canal to get rid of the terminal branches of superior hemorrhoid arteries. Thus, the size of hemorrhoid will get smaller until it’s gone for good. The advantages of laser hemorrhoidectomy include less scar, less pain, and fast recovery.

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