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Long-term untreated Hemorrhoids can lead to a risk of recurrence


Although hemorrhoid does not seem like a dangerous disease, it creates a nuisance when defecating and itches during the day. There is a chance of inflammations and for symptoms to occur again if a hemorrhoid is left untreated for a long time or treated improperly. 

  • If inflammation exists, hemorrhoids will be swollen and enlarged. The condition is clearly visible from the outside and the prolapsed hemorrhoid cannot be pushed back inside.
  • This stage of hemorrhoid often has rectal bleeding. Some patients may have discharge, mucus, or even leaked feces that cause the area to be unclean and damp at all times. This leads to a risk of infections and complications. 

If a hemorrhoid is found at an early stage or notices a polyp is protruding from the anus, seek medical advice from a specialist to receive proper treatment. 

Currently, hemorrhoids can be treated with laser surgery. Surgeons will target a beam of laser energy onto blood vessels to damage the root cause of each hemorrhoid; this will shrink the enlarged hemorrhoids and remove them gradually. 

The advantage of laser surgery is that it leaves no surgical incisions, causes minimal pain, and results in faster recovery.  

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