Nowadays, there is a hemorrhoid laser technique which is recommended for the 2nd – 3rd stage of symptomatic hemorrhoid because it will provide the best result. For the 1st stage of symptomatic hemorrhoid, the symptom is not severe so it is dispensable to have surgery. The doctor might consider giving mild laxative during the consultation and advise to adjust activities of daily living such as having more fibrous food intake, drinking 8 glasses of water, and avoiding risky behavior. In the 4th stage of symptomatic hemorrhoid, the symptom becomes more severe and it might need surgery along with a laser treatment. 

In a hemorrhoid laser operation, a laser will be inserted into the anal canal to get rid of the terminal branches of superior hemorrhoid arteries. In just 15 – 20 minutes of the treatment, the patient can go home immediately after the treatment and there is no need to stay in the hospital. Moreover, it heals faster and also spends less of your time.

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