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July 23, 2020
Myanmar Actress Patricia’s Intraocular Lens Surgery Experience at Vejthani Hospital
Description: Patricia, a famous Myanmar actress underwent the ICL surgery (Intraocular Lens Surgery) at Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. Let's see the outcome, and what she thinks about the surgery and Vejthani hospital's services. #VejthaniHospital #ICL #Lasik #EyeSurgery #Patricia
July 8, 2019
What are the hospitals like in Thailand?
hospitals hospitals I was living in Canada and was diagnosed with skin cancer on my face. The surgery was considered elective as it was not melanoma cancer, I would have to wait 12–14 months to have the surgery. It would have been done at no cost if I waited for the operation.
August 10, 2018
Mr. Kyaw Naing
Patient: Mr. Kyaw Naing Surgeon : DR. Chada Chotipanvithayakul Procedure : PCI Center/Clinic : Vejthani Cardiac Center for more information
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