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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Speed Up Your Recovery


Back pain is a very common symptom which affects all age ranges. The chronic of back problems often lead to poorer quality of life and working performance. Sometimes the pain can be easily resolved with anti-inflammatory medications, steroidal injections, and rehabilitation. But some people with spine problem may need surgery.

Spine surgery is traditionally done as open surgery, meaning the area being operated on is opened with a long incision to allow the surgeon to view and access the anatomy. In recent years, technological advances have made strides in the treatment of spinal conditions by using a minimally i nvasi ve surgi cal technique. With minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS), patients may have a smaller incision, smaller scar, less blood loss, and less length of stay in the hospital.

Pol.Lt.Col.Chalin Wichaidit, a patient who has trusted and received spine surgery at Vejthani Hospital told that “For over a year, I experienced lower back and leg pain that makes it difficult to walk. I had visited several hospitals, but the symptoms didn’t improve.”

I luckily found the article about Spinal Stenosis Treatment upon the use of modern technology by Vejthani Hospital written on the newspaper. So, I chose Vejthani Hospital to receive my treatment. When I had arrived at the hospital, I was asked about my medical history and had x-rays to identify problems. Then the doctor recommended me to have surgery, the only option to get rid of my pain.”

Side Effects and Suggestion

“After my successful surgery, I felt a little bit of pain at the site of surgical incision. The doctor suggested me to start a physical therapy to help the muscles and spine heal properly. Moreover, I am thoroughly impressed with the kind of services during my hospital stay.”
Dr. Pattara Kosanunt, a spine specialist at Vejthani Hospital, has informed about the symptoms and treatment options for this case that:

“Khun Chalin came to the hospital with chronic lower back and sciatic pain. The pain was going down to leg and getting worse when he was walking or standing for long periods of time. After taking his medical history and the x-rays have been done, we found that the pain was caused by degenerative disc disease and led to bone pressing on the nerve roots”.

Treatment & Care

“The aim of operation is decompression of the nerve root and fix scoliosis. The procedure took around 3 hours. The patient started physical therapy as early as the second day, then returned home and returned to normal activities on the third day”.

Surgical Care in Elderly Adults

“It is important to note that the age should not restrict an individual’s treatment options. This is a good news for older patients who suffer from back pain. The minimally invasive spine surgery may offer older patients more options for spine care. The approach provides the benefits of undergoing surgical procedure with minimal blood loss, faster recovery time, and fewer postoperative risks.” Dr. Pattara said.

If you or your loved one is suffering from chronic back pain, always consult doctor for medical advice and receive proper treatment.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Speed Up Your Recovery

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