Passing out or having rapid heartbeats could be signs of heart arrhythmia. Leaving it untreated, may lead to fatality
Cardiac arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat that is either too slow or too fast to the extent where it reduces the efficiency of blood flow to feed the organs throughout the body. This disease can also pose a fatal risk of heart failure or stroke.

Check List: 5 Symptoms of Cardiac Arrhythmia
Palpitations, heart pounding, panting, chest pain, dizziness, fainting and falling unconscious are initial symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia. However, most patients

Reduce the Risk factors of “Heart Arrhythmia”
Heart Arrhythmia is classified into two types; rapid heartbeat and slow heartbeat. It can occur from several factors, like structural heart diseases such as:

5 Signs of Heart Palpitations may indicate abnormality
nyone can experience heart palpitations. When excited, stressed out, worried, after alcohol consumptions, even certain medications can cause heart palpitations. Regardless of the causing factors, the matter should not be overlooked because if the causes are triggered by health problems

Be aware of the symptoms of Heart Arrhythmia
Normal heart rate is at 50 -100 beats per minute. If heart beats slower or faster than this range, it falls into the condition of heart arrhythmia.

Over 98% of the patients who have irregular heartbeat can be treated with EP study and RFA
There are several treatment methods for irregular heartbeat; however, it depends on the type and severity of the disease. One of the most effective treatments for irregular heartbeat is Radiofrequency Ablation or called RFA in short. RFA is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that uses the radiofrequency energy to destroy the abnormal cells in the place of origin of the abnormal electrical signals in the heart as soon as it was detected.

Do You Get Exhausted Easily? It Might be a Sign of Bradycardia
If you get exhausted easily and usually have heart palpitation, dizziness, and passing out you might have a heart block or a sinus node disease which means

Radiofrequency Ablation Is Not as Scary as You Thought
Patient with irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrhythmias might be scared of undergoing the treatment for irregular heartbeat. Don’t worry! There is an innovative

Irregular Heartbeat’ Can Be Treated with EP Study and Radiofrequency ablation
Irregular Heartbeat or Cardiac Arrhythmias can now be treated by undergoing the electrophysiological (EP) study and Radiofrequency Ablation.