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Do You Get Exhausted Easily? It Might be a Sign of Bradycardia


If you get exhausted easily and usually have heart palpitation, dizziness, and passing out you might have a heart block or a sinus node disease which means that the heart creates a heart rate that is slower than 50 times per minute which is inappropriate for the body’s needs. Basically, patients who have bradycardia or a slow heart rate have no idea that they have a heart block or a sinus node disease. Usually, the bradycardia will be detected when the patients undergo annual health checkup or consult with the doctor because of exhaustion, heart palpitation, dizziness, or fainting; and some might even lead to sudden death in the worst case.

“There are several diagnostic methods for bradycardia or the slow heart rate diseases. The diagnosis procedure will be starting from history taking, body examination, and then check the heart rate with the electrocardiogram (EKG) or a Holter monitor to check the heart rate for 24-48 hours; or a tilt table test to evaluate the cause of unexplained fainting. However, the cardiologist will be the one who orders the test which will be considered from the severity of the symptoms.” Said Dr. Pariwat Pengkeaw, a cardiologist of Vejthani Hospital. Normally, the treatment for patients who have bradycardia or slow heart rate diseases, the cardiologist will insert the pacemaker into the chest or abdomen to assist the heart to beat at normal rate.

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