Do you have hemorrhoids? How severe is your hemorrhoid?
Internal hemorrhoids are graded into 4 different categories according to the severity of the disease. Grade 1 The hemorrhoids or the swollen veins bulge inside the anal canal and in the lower rectum. The main treatment options for this
The Difference between HAL-RAR and the Traditional Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment
Hemorrhoid is an annoying disease that affects our daily lives and obstructs our happiness during excretion. Furthermore, if it is on the 3rd or 4th stage of the hemorrhoid, our life will be even more difficult and we need to get rid of it.
How to take care of yourself after Hemorrhoidectomy
The way you to take care of yourself after a hemorrhiodectomy is very important because no one wants to have hemorrhoid again. Hence, changing your daily life routine is a must.
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An unhealthy lifestyle which hurts the excretory system such as a low-fiber diet, spending too long time in toilet
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