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Visit Vejthani Hospital in Thailand for Effective Hemorrhoids Treatment


Unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a low-fiber diet, spending too long on the toilet, constipation, and lifting heavy objects, can hurt the excretory system and cause a painful condition called hemorrhoids. However, easy hemorrhoid treatment options are available in Thailand to help get rid of this problem.

Miss Thidarath Tavaresruangkram, or Khun Yo, one of the millions of hemorrhoid patients who suffered from this disease for many years, said, “I got hemorrhoids during my first pregnancy in 2010. I felt a lump come out of my anus; there was bleeding during bowel movements and irritation around my anal region. The symptoms have come and gone over the last seven years.”

Easy treatment for hemorrhoids in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital.

 In Pain, But Afraid Of Surgery

“I tried to handle the symptoms myself, I took herbal pills, I changed my toilet routine, but the symptoms weren’t going away. So, I started looking for treatments and found hemorrhoid surgery. Yet, I was too scared to go for it because I feared it would hurt, and I couldn’t afford much recovery time as an office worker. It was difficult for me to find hemorrhoid treatment in Bangkok.”

 HAL-RAR, the Finest Hemorrhoid Treatment Solution in Thailand

“As I searched through information on the internet, I finally found this new technology for treating hemorrhoids called HAL-RAR. It was available at Vejthani Hospital. I started to dig into the details until I felt confident that this method would give me less pain and a shorter recovery period. I called Vejthani Hospital to make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment.”

Impressive HAL-RAR Solution   

“After the treatment, I felt a little pain. But the pain from the treatment was much better than suffering hemorrhoid pain. Today, there is no pain at all. I’m so glad that I chose this HAL-RAR technology. My recovery was incredibly quick. I could get back to my routine only five days after treatment.”

The HAL-RAR Treatment Techniques

One of our surgeons, Dr. Piya Totemchokchyakarn, explains the HAL-RAR treatment technique: “HAL-RAR, technically called Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair, is a treatment method using Doppler Ultrasound to locate the arterial pulse feeding the hemorrhoids. Then, the surgeon ties off the artery, cutting the blood supply to the pile. For prolapsing hemorrhoids, the surgeon runs a stitch from top to bottom and pulls the thread. This lifts the tissue hanging down and doesn’t cause any cuts to the tissue. Within three to four weeks, the hemorrhoids will reduce in size. HAL-RAR results present less post-operative pain, fewer complications and reduced recovery time before patients return to their normal toilet routine. This is ideal for people who don’t have much time to recover, making it the best choice for hemorrhoid treatment in Thailand.”

 Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

“Khun Yo had hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which commonly develop as the enlarged uterus and a growing baby put more pressure on blood vessels and obstruct blood flow. The problem is usually solved after the baby is born. However, if symptoms do not improve after delivery, the doctor may consider surgery.”

HAL-RAR, Painless Treatment of Hemorrhoids in Thailand

“Khun Yo came to me with Stage 2 hemorrhoid disease. There were wounds at the anus, so I proceeded with a treatment called HAL-RAR, which ties off the problem artery to reduce the blood pressure on the pile that causes it to prolapse. Using this method, we don’t need to cut off the hemorrhoid tissue. For the anal wounds, I decided to cut off some sphincter muscle, and the overall outcome was satisfactory. The patient is now cured, and her hemorrhoid tissue and wounds are completely healed.”

“Hemorrhoids are common; there is nothing to be ashamed of. You should note any bleeding or strange tissue around your anus during bowel movements. If you find any abnormalities, you should seek a medical diagnosis. Doctors perform treatments as appropriate to the hemorrhoid stage to ensure the patient can continue their daily routine and no longer suffer in pain and discomfort. Get your hemorrhoid treatment in Bangkok done as soon as possible.”

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