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8 Signs of Heart Valve Diseases
Heart valves are responsible for being the barriers between heart chambers. Their functions are to control blood flow in the right direction and prevent it from flowing backward.
Vejthani Hospital | Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement
Vejthani Hospital is a JCI accredited facility and one of the best international private hospitals in Thailand.
Repair your leaky heart valve and save yourself from lifetime medications
Heart valve repair surgery can recover degenerative valve disease, leaky or torn heart valve leaflet and bring it back to its actual function without the need of heart valve replacement surgery.
Heart Valve Degeneration, a disease that people aged 40+ need to be cautious of
Heart Valve Degeneration usually occurs on people aged over 40 years old because of degenerative tissue flexibility that could eventually lead to heart valve deformity and heart valve regurgitation. Thus, it decreases the heart’s effectiveness, and leads to the following symptoms
Heart Valve Regurgitation – Repair is Better than Replacement
Heart valve regurgitation is a disease that can occur on some group of people. Nowadays, patients who have heart valve regurgitation are able to receive the heart valve repair surgery which provides satisfactory outcome and has less side effects compared to the heart valve replacement surgery.
Heart Bypass Surgery: The Answer to Your Heart Worries
If you’re suffering from severe chest pain, consider safe, effective and cost-effective heart bypass surgery at Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok’s leading healthcare facility.
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