Cancer Center

Cancer Center

Cancer treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

Through medical knowledge, latest technology, it is now possible for hospitals to give patients a real chance at recovery. Cancer treatment in Thailand has come a long way since cancer research has increased and accessibility to treatment has improved.

At Vejthani Hospital, we have spent a lot of time to create treatment for cancer in Bangkok that is arguably one of the best in the country. The Vejthani Cancer Center
is the product of our vision to make cancer treatment in Thailand accessible and effective. The doctors working at Vejthani Hospital are armed with the knowledge
and the experience to detect cancer early in patients visiting our hospital, in order to prevent further complications.

Early detection is the key to proper cancer treatment and the diagnosis needs to be precise and at earliest. Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, choosing the
best treatment facility is extremely important. A cancer hospital in Thailand needs to meet the requirements for treatment and recovery management. Vejthani Cancer
Center is the hospital for cancer treatment that meets these needs and requirements.

Choose Vejthani CANCER CENTER

Choose Vejthani CANCER CENTER

Vejthani Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer care and treatment by team of cancer specialists including oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, and nutritionists and using advanced technology with a personalized approach. The entire team of professionals is involved in every aspect of treatment that a patient needs to go through.

Vejthani Cancer Center is the product of our vision to make cancer treatment in Thailand accessible and effective. However, there is not a simple or blanket approach that can be taken to effectively treat all types of cancer. The doctors working throughout the Vejthani Hospital are armed with the knowledge and the experience to detect cancer early on in patients visiting our hospital.

Our dedicated cancer experts are committed to delivering comprehensive care and a treatment plan that is individualized for your cancer and your needs to help you manage side effects and get back to life.

Cancer Treatment Modalities

Cancer Treatment Modalities

There are many types of cancer treatment, depending on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. The following are the treatments for cancer available at Vejthani Cancer Center.

Surgery: A foundation treatment method which has been used until today. It is the standard treatment to remove cancer for the body, especially in the very first phase
because the spread of cancer cell is limited in the particular area.

Radiotherapy or Radiation Therapy: is a treatment which uses radiation to control or kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy may be curative in a number of types of
cancer if they are localized to one area of the body. New technique of Radiation Therapy is Intensity-Modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). IMRT is an advanced mode
of high precision radiotherapy that uses computer control to deliver precise radiation dose and specific area of cancer. With this new technique (IMRT), the side effects of radiation are minimized.

Chemotherapy: is a type of cancer treatment that uses one or more anti-cancer medication as part of standardized chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy can work
throughout the body. It may be given with a curative intent before surgery “Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy” to shrink cancer mass until the cancer is small enough to be removed by surgery. New data shows that whoever has undergone tumor removal by neoadjuvant chemotherapy will have better outcome or it may aim to prolong life or reduce symptoms.

Hormonal Therapy: A cancer therapy that lower or increase the amount of hormones in the body to stop or slow down the growth of cancer, because some hormones encourage the growth of some cancers. This method treats breast cancer, prostate cancer and thyroid cancer.

Targeted Therapy or Molecular Targeted Therapy: is one of the major modalities of medications that uses molecular targeted therapy which blocks the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific targeted molecules that cancer cells need for growth and survival. Molecular Targeted Therapy may be oral small molecular inhibitor or intravenous monoclonal antibodies. Before the doctor prescribes targeted therapy, the tissue or blood is sent for molecular testing “the target” of this treatment before starting targeted therapy.

Immunotherapy: is a group of innovative treatment that enhances our immunity to fight or kill cancer cells. Immunotherapy may be cancer vaccines, T-Cell engineering or monoclonal antibodies that activate our T-Cell to fight cancer.

Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplantation: These two cancer treatment types can be isolated from the patient’s body or can be taken from a donor. In present studies, the stem cell transplantation is usually used to work against only a few types of cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.


  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Pain Management
  • Psychology consulting
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Biological Cancer Targeted Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Bone Targeted Therapy
  • Molecular and Genetic Testing
  • Early Cancer Screening and Detection


  • CT Scan, MRI
  • Digital Mammogram
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery


Vejthani Cancer Center, Vejthani Hospital 3 rd floor



Phone : (+66)(0) 2 734 0000 Ext. 4500


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