Rhinoplasty Surgery at Vejthani Hospital

       According to New York Magazine, Rhinoplasty Surgery is the fourth most popular form of cosmetic surgery in the world, with numerous people undergoing it every year. It is mostly performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose; it can be used to straighten a crooked nose or even to alter the appearance of the patient's nostrils. Humps, bumps and other irregularities in the shape of the nose can be corrected. It may also be advised to correct functional problems. A nose that looks good should also be able to function well.
     Dr. Narongdej Jiarapeepan a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Vejthani Hospital revealed that if your nose be-speak a factor of discomfort that you have no control over to improve, it would be idyllic to look into the many unique research that are provided through the plastic surgery procedure of Rhinoplasty.He also said that Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures in Vejthani Hospital Plastic Center.

       Rhinoplasty surgery, popularly known as "the nose job," remains the most common form of plastic surgery. It can reduce or increase the size of the nose, change the shape of the tip, or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between nose and upper lip. Incisions are made inside the nostrils or at the base of the nose, providing access to cartilage and bone which can then be sculpted in shape. The surgeon removes the hump using a chisel or a rasp then put the nasal bones together to form a narrower bridge. Cartilage is trimmed to reshape the tip of the nose. When the surgery is complete, a splint made of tape, an overlay of plastic, metal or plaster is applied to help the bone and cartilage of the nose maintain to their new shapes.

       The most commonly known Rhinoplasty surgery methods are open and closed procedure. The most commonly used is closed rhinoplasty; all of incisions are hidden inside the nostrils, in which the scars will be entirely invisible to the casual observer. While in open rhinoplasty method, it is a procedure that has more incisions and is external, this is where the surgeon cuts the columella which separates the nostrils and that is where the tissues are located. Open rhinoplasty method is slightly more invasive and more complicated cases than a closed rhinoplasty method because it gives the plastic surgeon more working room.
       The possible complications of Rhinoplasty surgery procedure are infection, red spots on your skin caused by burst small blood vessels, nose bleeding, scarring and reaction to anesthesia. It can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of the procedure.Your surgeon will evaluate your health and explain surgical techniques which are appropriate for you, based on your condition. Most Rhinoplasty patients can go back to work within a week after surgery.
Dr. Narongdej Jiarapeepan

      At Vejthani Hospital, we can give you the satisfaction and the best treatment ever.Rhinoplasty surgery can be treated here with the most comprehensive care and the best advice from our specialized plastic surgeons. We can manage every structure and procedure in every way we can to the best of our knowledge and capabilities should you deem us worthy.

      Dr.Narongdej concluded that Rhinoplasty surgery helps you with your outside looks, more than you want it to become and that can mean crucial changes in the way you feel inside and the way you interact with other people. The opportunity to ameliorate your appearance through this surgery is very elating, yet it represents a major decision in your life....

       Visit our Plastic Surgery Clinic and ask for further information and advice from our certified Plastic surgeons. Our high standard of Rhinoplasty surgeryprocedure will surely meet your expectations and satisfaction is of the highest value that awaits your visit. So keep your eyes on this site and use the Make an appointment online page and select the doctor of your own choice. If you want more information about rhinoplasty procedure, payment methods and any concerns, please use our talk to doctor online page, then well going to forward your request to an appropriate Vejthani medical specialist and you will receive an advice within a few days. If you are ready to visit Vejthani Hospital we can Arrange travel for you, the Map and Directions page from this website shows you where the hospital is and how to get here from the airport. We can also arrange transportation from the airport to Vejthani hospital at affordable prices. On this site we provided you with different images of our Hospital Gallery to give you an idea of what Vejthani Hospital is.
      If you have any question please dont hesitate to contact us.
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