If you plan to get treatment with Vejthani hospital.  This page summarizes how you can arrange your visit and plan your treatment.

  1.  Knowing about us Our website is provide information about our hospital, our services, our doctors and patients from worldwide.  Knowing us from this page : About us
  2. Finding a doctor or asking for advice Searching for our doctors from page: find a doctor  help you find doctors who meets your requirements.  If you need help or advice on treatment options, please use our Talk to doctor form.We will forward your inquiry to the our medical professional who will correspond with you.
  3. Making  your appointment You can make a doctor appointment at our make an appointment form.   We will process your request and confirm your appointment by email. Or contact ourInternational Service Center  for  pre-appointment  in your native languages.
  4. Arrange travel You can contact Our International Service Center to help you arrange you travel ,residence reservation and travel information or  please send your inquiries to [email protected]

More about  travel information please visit our webpage : Accommotdations and Hotels near Vejthani and Our Travel advice help and support .