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Leaving scoliosis untreated may lead to an increased curvature


Some people think scoliosis is only a simple deformity, it merely affects the posture and seeing a doctor is not necessary. But scoliosis is more severe than that. It occurs when the spine is twisted and curved to the side – out of the alignment or curves in an “S” or “C” shapes. Scoliosis can be found in both children and adults. Leaving the condition untreated from an early stage has the chance to “further increase the deformity” and that may affect in the long run.

  • Scoliosis occurs in the thoracic area: If the curvature is more than 60 degrees, there will be changes in the lungs. Patient will get tired easily compared to other people and the curve will increase continuously.
  • Scoliosis in the lower back: When the curve increases, the back will be crooked making the body noticeably tilted.

Consulting a specialist is therefore important. Early diagnosis will lead to early decision in receiving the treatment and that will end in a better outcome. Leaving scoliosis untreated, especially in children will affect both posture and mental health. If scoliosis is not too severe, wearing a brace can prevent further curvature of the spine. However, in severe scoliosis that requires surgery, has a contribution of innovative treatment that allows the surgeon to perform the operation safely and the patients can return to their normal lives without having to worry about spinal deformity.

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