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Ensure Your Health with an Annual Checkup


Your health needs change as you age. You’re more at risk of certain diseases at different stages of your life. These include several types of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis. Everyone should make a habit of having an annual health checkup and make this regimen a lifelong part of your commitment to good health for yourself and your family.

Most hospitals in Bangkok offer a range of annual health checkups that change focus as you age. These gender and age-specific annual health checkups are designed to keep you at the peak of health for your age group. For younger people, the health checkups focus more on making sure certain organs are functioning normally, preventative care, and ensuring patients aren’t displaying any troubling symptoms.

Your doctor will perform a complete lipid profile at every checkup. This checks your level of HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and helps them determine your risk of stroke, heart disease, and arteriosclerosis as you continue to age.

Getting Ahead of Health Problems

Even if you are not currently suffering from any age-related diseases and conditions, your doctor will ask about your lifestyle and your family’s medical history. The answers you provide will tell them whether or not you have a heightened risk of developing these problems in the future. Based on your answers and the results of your annual health checkup, the doctor may recommend certain changes to your lifestyle.

It’s important to listen and heed these recommendations. The doctor makes them based upon what they have observed from an impartial and clinical perspective based on science and medical knowledge.

Progression of Annual Checkups

In your middle years, the focus will change from preventative and general health assurance to detecting the presence of specific diseases and conditions. After the age of 35, both men and women will have a complete cancer screening laboratory examination that focuses on detecting the hint for cancer through the bloodstream.

These checkups will become more extensive, depending on your age. Most diseases and chronic conditions in both women and men tend to occur between the ages of 35 and 60. For women, your family’s medical history will help your doctor to decide the age at which you should begin having an annual mammogram, but most doctors recommend that women should start at age 50.

For both men and women, your blood will be checked, and you’ll have several liver function tests and tumor marker tests. The doctor will also pay closer attention to your hormone levels and vitamin, mineral, and calcium levels the older you get. They may recommend supplements or hormone therapy to replace the lower levels caused by the natural aging process.

Loss of calcium can lead to osteoporosis. The doctor can check your level of bone density with a non-invasive DEXA scan that precisely measures your bone mineral density and bone loss through a type of x-ray. The acronym DEXA stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. Hormonal imbalances are responsible for an entire range of symptoms that can affect your quality of life. Both of these are relatively easy to manage and correct with treatment.

This is also the age range where the doctor pays closer attention to the heart. A diagnosis of coronary artery disease may cause the doctor to recommend a series of cardiac tests, including a stress test, EKG, and CCTA test.

One-Stop Testing Center in Bangkok

The recommendations made during your annual health checkup will help to keep you on a healthy path throughout your life. Having annual checkups also provides you with the highest chances of complete recovery if you happen to contract a life-threatening illness. Early detection and treatment give you a fighting chance to overcome cancers and many other diseases that can shorten your life immeasurably if left undetected for too long.

Vejthani Hospital offers a one-stop testing center that can monitor your health, as well as the health of your family, at every stage of your life. The doctors and staff at Vejthani Hospital use the latest techniques and equipment in annual health checkups to perform tests that help to maintain the health and happiness of you and your loved ones.

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