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Regular Health Check-ups for Optimal Wellbeing


Having Regular Health Check-up Makes You a Winner in Life

Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok offers a full range of health check-up for people of all ages to ensure they’re taking care of themselves at all stages of their lives. Be a winner in life and have your health checked regularly.

Regular health check-up are a normal part of a child’s life. Doting parents are hyper-aware of their child’s health and rush them off to a doctor at the slightest sniffle or sneeze.

But those visits tend to fall off in frequency as we age. By the time we are in our twenties and thirties, we may feel that we are in the prime of our life and forget about having our health checked altogether. This can be a dangerous mistake to make.

Most people in their twenties and thirties only visit a doctor when they’ve had an accident requiring medical attention. The doctor will give them a cursory examination, check their blood pressure, and vital signs in the course of treatment for their injury.

Health Needs Change as We Age

The truth is that a serious illness or condition requiring medical attention can strike at any stage in a person’s life. Some illnesses and conditions are more apt to afflict you at a certain specific age range.

There never is a point in a person’s life where they should feel they’re invincible and out of danger. Your health needs simply change as you age. This fact holds true for both genders.

Men in their fifties are prone to developing hypertension and become at risk of having a heart attack. Women of the same age are statistically more at risk of developing breast cancer. The fact that different conditions and illnesses tend to strike at different points in one’s life is the reason why Vejthani Hospital created the Executive Healthcare Center.

Executive Healthcare Center

Vejthani Hospital’s Executive Healthcare Center takes a different approach than most health check-ups. They’ve designed a series of twelve check-ups that are categorized by age group and gender.

Each of these twelve check-up focus on testing for illnesses, conditions, and diseases that are most likely to afflict the respective age group and gender. These check-up cover children up to people of advanced age and offer comprehensive testing for all.

These check-up also take into account the presumed relative health of the individual of a certain age, and they don’t perform unnecessary tests unless the doctor detects an abnormality.

For instance, males aged 25 and above are given a comprehensive basic program of tests appropriate for a healthy, active man. Whereas, for a male who is thirty-five years old, the tests would include a cancer screening and an ultrasound of the upper and lower abdomen.

The doctors and healthcare professionals have developed the Executive Healthcare Center to provide health check-ups. But they also serve to underline the fact that while health needs change as we age, they never go away.

Schedule a health check-up for your appropriate age group at Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok. You’re never invincible, no matter what age you are.

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