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Say Goodbye to Office Syndrome with Correct Sitting Posture


  • Choose the right table that is related to your height.
  • Choose the table that has a tray for the keyboard where you can type comfortably. Place the keyboard on the right position, and your elbows should be wide open around 100 – 110 degrees.
  • The height of the table should be related to the height of the chair. The chair should be moved in and moved out conveniently and you should be able to put your legs under the table, and the knees should parallel or slightly lower than the hips. The feet should be flat on the floor. If you cannot put your feet on the floor, you should have other platform to support you feet.
  • Choose the chair that has an adjustable armrests and backrest so that it could support the arms and back. However, for the seat’s back, you should not able to lean that much because it won’t support the back properly and the seat back’s height should be in the level that could support the head or in the shoulder level, and it should be curved in order to support the back spine. The armrests should be adjusted in a proper height in order to reduce the risk of the pain in the shoulders and neck.
  • The seat should be in an appropriate level. The hip should be close to the seat’s back. The seat should be curved so that it could distribute the body’s weight while seated.

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