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Vejthani Cancer Center

Through medical knowledge, latest technology, and holistic practices, it is now possible for specialist physicians to provide cancer patients with a real chance at recovery. Thailand is no exception, with cancer treatment in Bangkok at an internationally certified hospital such as Vejthani offering affordable and effective options for both locals and visitors.

We provide comprehensive and holistic care and treatment, delivered by a dedicated team of specialists, including oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, and nutritionists. Our team of cancer specialists are with patients every step of the treatment journey, using advanced technologies and a personalized approach to beat the disease.

Vejthani Cancer Center is the product of our vision to make cancer treatment in Thailand, both accessible and effective. However, there is not a blanket or straightforward approach that can be taken to treat all types of cancer successfully. Our dedicated experts are committed to delivering comprehensive care and a treatment plan that is individualized for each person’s unique illness and situation, assisting them to get back to their old life as soon as possible.

Modalities & Services

Our hospital has various kinds of treatments available, depending on the type of cancer, how advanced it is, and the ‘patients’ medical history and current physical condition. We are equipped with CT scanner and MRI, digital mammogram, and stereotactic radiosurgery and offer the following treatment modalities in our Cancer Center:

  • surgery
  • chemotherapy
  • hormonal therapy
  • targeted therapy
  • molecular targeted therapy
  • immunotherapy
  • bone marrow transplantation
  • stem cell transplantation
  • radiotherapy or radiation therapy

In conjunction, we are pleased to offer the following suite of services:

  • hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • bone targeted therapy
  • pain management
  • psychology consulting
  • biological cancer targeted therapy
  • molecular and genetic testing
  • early cancer screening and detection

Holistic Approach

Many people living with cancer are keen to take any steps that may offer relief, including complementary cancer treatments. For many patients, cancer makes them feel as if they have little control over their health. This is where a holistic approach – encompassing the mind, body, spirit, emotions – comes in, as it provides a measure of control and relief.

Alternative cancer therapies may not directly cure cancer, but they help patients cope with the rigors of aggressive treatment such as chemo. For example, common symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, vomiting, insomnia, stress, and pain may be decreased by holistic therapies.

For example, a course of acupuncture may significantly reduce nausea; they generally its benefits are not sturdy or long-lasting enough to replace medication. Any cancer patient considering these options must first work closely with a medical team like that at Vejthani Cancer Center to determine the right balance between traditional medicines and alternative cancer treatments.

As a starting point, here are ten alternative cancer treatments that are generally safe and are proven to provide some benefit and relief:

  • acupuncture
  • aromatherapy
  • exercise
  • hypnosis
  • massage
  • meditation
  • music therapy
  • tai chi
  • yoga
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